MEET the ENTREPRENeur Coach,business influencer AND THE EXecutive

As a business coach, I’m similar to my students in that I started late as an entrepreneur. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from DePaul University, I began my career working up through the ranks of corporate banks like The Northern Trust Bank and Wachovia.

Being let go as the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 was starting, it was only then that I decided to start my first business.

To date, my credentials as a top entrepreneur business coach stem from my 2007 launching of Right Now Refunds. Preparing thousands of tax returns annually, Right Now Refunds grew to be a top tax preparation agency serving the South and Midwest.

Since 2007, I have branched out into several other areas of business. Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting, and The Oakley Agency, each conceptualized by yours truly. Now, I also formally coach businesses and new entrepreneurs as part of my latest endeavor, The Tax Master Class, oh and yes Im tired! LOL

MY Brands

Starting and growing a business is challenging. Successful business entrepreneurs don’t, therefore, happen by chance. Instead, they’re often forged in adversity. However, this shouldn’t deter you from entrepreneurship yourself. I’m Angela, and as a successful entrepreneur and business coach, I help prepare people for the world of professional entrepreneurship.


Tax planning and accounting services and financial consulting for individuals, small businesses, athletes and entertainers.

TheTax Master Class

Create a master plan for success with Angela’s proven strategy sessions. Starting a tax prep business is easy, but growing it into a successful, lucrative business takes so much more